To Learn Successful Trading Techniques --

You Need to Take ONE

When you talk to any professional trader, money manager, market maker -- or even a hedge fund quant -- you always hear the same story.

They most certainly did NOT learn the little-known secrets and keys to successful trading from books, videos, or listening to pundits on TV.

They DID spend time -- as much as possible -- shadowing, mentoring, & talking with other successful traders. That is how the really valuable information is passed along... one-to-one.

Successful Traders Network ...
with Other Successful Traders!

You've heard this before. Success attracts success. In all walks of life. Networking is the fastest, best way learn the inside skills that bring consistent results.

And this is especially true in trading. Because the real secrets to successful trading are too valuable to publish -- for any fee.


Elite Traders Club

We've made it easy for you to get your share of this type of "training" -- the kind that will set you on a course of continuous improvement & mastery.

It's called the Elite Traders Club -- and it is the first trading community of its kind.

Elite Traders Club is not a "trade room" -- and here's why. The typical "trade room" is in reality just a sales tool for the trading coach or pundit that runs it.

Individual traders go to the room and then try to mimic exactly how the sponsor trades. And it never works. It's like watching a Tiger Woods video and hoping your eye will improve.

Elite Traders Club is a true community of traders like yourself. Modeled after the best social media sites, Elite Traders Club gives you all the tools for sharing what works & what doesn't with your fellow members.

No bias. No hidden agenda. No subtle "sales pitch" woven into the background. Just real traders sharing real trades.

How Elite Traders Club Works

That's the easy part. It's like FaceBook -- only better because it's just for traders. Elite Traders Club has all the state-of-the-are features you expect in an online community.

  • Hashtags to find & follow trades that interest you.
  • Custom watch lists.
  • It's like FaceBook ... just for Traders!

  • Posts of charts, videos, strategy spreadsheets.
  • "Follow" the "elite traders" who have the most to teach you.
  • Personal profile pages so other like-minded traders can find you -- and you can find them!
  • Fresh trade ideas daily from traders you trust & admire.
  • Elite Traders Club email digests.
At Elite Traders Club you will follow trades, follow traders, and follow strategies -- all the while picking up the essential ingredients you need to put together your own "secret sauce" for trading success.

Your Elite Traders Club Facilitator:
John Kmiecik

John has traded both as a professional trader, trading for hedge funds, as well as an individual "retail" trader. John worked his way up on the trading floor for firms including Goldman Sachs & First Options of Chicago. Now he trades for himself.

From his years as a trading pro, John knows firsthand how many trading education programs supposedly geared for individuals miss the mark entirely. The Elite Traders Club has been a dream of John's since 2005; now his dream is a thriving traders community unlike any other.

As the Club "host", John will help you find what works for you -- and help you learn what it takes to increase your "comfort zone".

Start your trading year off with new ideas, new strategies, and a new approach to learning the fine points of trading. Log-in to your 2-week FREE Trial for Elite Traders Club today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Elite Traders Club is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not thrilled with the service just let us know within the first 14 days, and we won't bill your credit card. You get to try it with full, un-restricted access absolutely risk-free.

What Members Say

"Good, thoughtful insights are consistently available. Views are well conceived, and backed with evidence. It's a very helpful reality check, something that I like to test my views against."

 -- Kevin, New York, NY

"It has valuable, applicable and pertinent information that helps traders like myself and in a user friendly tone."

 --James, Murphysboro, IL

"The information has provided me with a place to start looking for trades. The opportunity to learn from experienced professionals is invaluable!"

 --Jeff, Ames, IA

"A great source source of info. Quick, easy, and convenient."

 --Joe, Ann Arbor, MI

"MTM is the best trader educational provider out there. Innovation is at their core."

 --Dianna, Bellevue, WA

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